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Present Califate of Islam. Here is How to Report Qadiani Misleading Information on Wikipedia

Present Califh of Islam

From past few days, Qadiani spreading false information about Present Caliph of Islam. If you search on google that Present Califh of Islam then Google shows Wikipedia article that Mirza Masroor Ahmed is the 5th Caliph of Islam after Hazrat Abubakar R.A, Hazrat Umar R.A, Hazrat Usman R.A and Hazrat Ali R.A. mirza masroor who’s actually qadiyani. (False Muslim) and always spreads false information and holding of Prophet hood. 

Here we will be sharing how to report misleading information of present Caliph of Islam on Google. 
How to Report Google Present Caliph of Islam wrong Information
1 : Go to and search Present Califh of Islam.
Present Califh of Islam

2. Click on Feedback located at search results lower right corner.
Present Califh of Islam

3. Now choose Misleading and False information option and also write suggestion. 
Mirza Masroor Ahmed is not muslim and Flase Present Caliph of Islam.
Present Califh of Islam

4 : After writing send report.
Present Califh of Islam

That’s how you can play your part as Muslim to stop spreading of Qadiani false information. 

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