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Srha Asghar tied the knot quietly and Fans really loved her decision

Srha Asghar wedding

In the year 2020, due to the epidemic of Corona virus, many Pakistani showbiz stars surprised their fans by getting married quietly and suddenly.

 And now the emerging actress of Pakistani drama industry Sarha Asghar also got married quietly in the last days of the year.
 Actress Saraha Asghar also shared photos of her marriage and various videos on Instagram in a new tradition created by other showbiz stars.
Srha Asghar wedding

Photos and videos of Sarha Asghar’s wedding have gone viral on social media in which she is wearing a white wedding dress.
 They chose a dress designed by designer Haniya Kamran for their wedding ceremony and also released a video in this regard.
Srha Asghar wedding

Earlier, she also shared photos of her henna-clad hands in a very simple dress.
Srha Asghar wedding

After which she also released photos of her henna ceremony in which Sarha Asghar dressed up for the occasion.
Srha Asghar wedding

However, Sarha Asghar shared various photos and videos of herself, but initially she did not say anything about her husband and did not share his picture.
Later, Saraha Asghar also shared a photo with her husband Omar in which the actress’ husband is also wearing a black dress and a maroon vest.
Srha Asghar wedding

Her husband Omar, whose Instagram account is named Lala Omar, also shared a photo with Saraha Asghar. Fans are expressing good wishes on the new journey of the actress’ life.
 It may be recalled that Sarha Asghar started her career in the showbiz industry in 2015 and she had acted in ‘Khoot’.
 Saraha Asghar had also played the role of Bilal Abbas Khan’s sister who played the lead role in the drama ‘Pyar Ke Sadqa’ this year, which increased her popularity.

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