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Toyota to launch electric rickshaw in Pakistan

Japan’s famous automobile company Toyota has always lived up to the expectations of its customers, but now it is going to introduce something in Pakistan that no one would have imagined.
 Toyota is planning to introduce electric rickshaws in Pakistan.
 According to details, an agreement has been reached between the chairman of the company Hiroyuki Toyoda and the president of Pak-Japan Business Council Rana Abid Hussain to bring electric rickshaws to Pakistan.
 Speaking to media, Rana Hussain said, “In the initial stages, 3,000 rickshaws will be brought to Pakistan, while in the next stages, they will be manufactured here. However, discussions are still ongoing in this regard.
 Rana Hussain added, “The popularity of electric tricycles (rickshaws) is immense in Japan. In addition, the company has set up 150 dealers across the country for its better performance.”
“If this tricycle is fully charged, it can travel up to 50 km with a weight of 150 kg,” he said.
 Rana Hussain added, “It is very easy to operate, even if there is a lot of traffic on the road, it can be operated easily, while the machine does not cost much. Its design and other things have been created by Toyota.
But the price of this machine has not been revealed yet, now it remains to be seen how successful this electric rickshaw is in Pakistan which provides immense facilities to the consumers.

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