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New form of Corona Virus identified in Britain. How and from where it came, check all details

A new strain of the corona virus has arrived in the UK from South Africa, the British health minister has claimed.

 According to British media, Britain has imposed travel bans on South Africa. Britain says that a new type of Corona has spread from South Africa. In this regard, British Health Minister Matt Hancock claims that new strain of Corona was transmitted from South Africa and affected two British people.
 He has warned the British people to be wary of people who have recently come from South Africa and to quarantine themselves if they have met them.
 British Health Secretary Matt Hancock has made it clear that this new strain of corona is spreading faster and has many times more effects.
 It should be noted that the process of vaccination against corona virus has started in the UK, but this new type of corona has come to the UK at a time when the process of delivering the vaccine to get rid of corona to the people after a long wait was just started. However, experts fear that this new strain of Corona could be extremely dangerous and is spreading rapidly in various parts of the UK.
 It may be recalled that many countries of the world, including Pakistan, have imposed travel bans on the United Kingdom in view of the fears of the spread of a new type of Corona.

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