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What Pakistani Searched in 2020? check Google Top Searches in Pakistan 2020

The report on what has been searched the most on Google in Pakistan in the year 2020 has been released.

 According to the details, the global search engine Google has announced the annual results of Pakistan search.
During the year 2020, the collective trends of Google search in Pakistan have been reflected in which this year also the trend based on favorite games has dominated all types of searches.
 In the year 2020, Pakistanis tried to find out the most information about their favorite sport of cricket and Pakistan vs England was the most searched.
 In addition, the most searched topics are:
 * Corona virus
 * Pakistan vs Zimbabwe
 * Google Classroom
 * US Election 2020
 * PSL 2020
 * India v New Zealand
 * England v Australia
 * England v West Indies
* Ome Worldometers
 What is Google’s Year in Search?
 Google explores trillions of search queries each year to showcase the true power of the Internet. 

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