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Here is How Corona virus effected Coke Studio 2020 Recordings. Check Interesting facts about 2020 season

Here is How Corona virus effected Coke Studio 2020 Recordings

Cook Studio is always a source of new and Mashup songs for music addicts. Like every year, in 2020, the preparation of Coke Studio was in full swing in the month of February. It was all decided which singers were to perform and which songs were to be sung.

Overall, the production of 2020 season was going to be massive, but when Corona virus raised its head in March, it was decided to postpone 2020 season of Coke Studio. But after some deliberations, it was decided that this season must be done with SOPs. This decision led reduction of songs as well as singers.
Coke Studio’s format was also effected by Corona. There are a lot of interesting things about Cook Studio 2020, such as the first time that all the songs were kept original and no mix /Mashup song was aired. If you watch songs of Coke Studio 2020, it seems as all the singers have recorded together and the SOPs have not been followed, but the fact is that each singer recorded his own part separately.
Here is How Corona virus effected Coke Studio 2020 Recordings

One of the example can be the song ‘Na Totia Way’ which was made on Women’s Empowerment. For the first time in the history of Coke Studios, all the female singers of the season performed a song together. When the singer came, all the women came to the set in turn and left after recording, but when the people saw the song, they felt as if all the singers were performing together.
 Similarly, musicians also recorded their own part separately. This season, Bohemia is back at Coke Studios once again, with rehearsals all online. The online services of international musicians were used to compose music representing their region for Coke Studio songs. It can be said that full advantage was taken of modern technology.
Here is How Corona virus effected Coke Studio 2020 Recordings

 Apart from this, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan also wrote and composed his own song. If it was not for Corona, it would have been called Season 13 of Coke Studio, but due to the epidemic, it was named Coke Studio 2020.

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