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#MeToo: Emerging actress Saba Bukhari shows Dark side of Pakistan showbiz industry

Emerging actress Saba Bukhari

Showbiz industry colorful life appeal to people, especially the younger generation, and people’s first dream is usually to see themselves on a TV screen. But when people enter the industry and then talk about the flaws inside, then we can’t believe that people who look so elegant on the screen are really like that. Pakistan’s emerging actress Saba Bukhari shared her experience and showed the dark side of our showbiz industry. 

Saba wrote, “He said that: Tum may itna confidence toh hai nahi k tum is media may agay ja sako (Not like you have enough confidence to prosper in this media industry on your own).” She continued, “He said that: Masla yay hai tum good girl ho aur iss field may good girl nahi chalti (The problem is that you are a good girl, and in this occupation, good girls can’t survive).”

She continued, “Aisa kaisay ho sakta kisi nay tum par attempt na kia ho (How is it possible that no one made a move on you). Hum tumhay he kaam or paisay kiun dain jab yaha larkian kaam ke liye sonay ko tayar hain (Why should we give you work and money when girls are ready to sleep for work here).” 

Saba Bukhari did not name anyone but only wrote that these sentences uttered by various directors and people not only broke her from within but also shattered her dreams.

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