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After Ertugrul, Another Turkish drama Kuruluş: Osman will soon be hitting TV screens

Another Turkish drama Kuruluş Osman will soon be hitting TV screens

 If you are Turkish Dramas fan, then a happy news for you is that another Turkish drama Kuruluş: Osman, will soon be hitting TV screens with Urdu dubbing after the huge success of Ertuğrul Ghazi in Pakistan.

Pakistanis have so far loved the Turkish drama, and since PTV began airing Ertuğrul Ghazi last Ramazan, they have wanted similar drama serials. Today, after almost a year, Kuruluş, Ertuğrul’s successor: Osman’s Urdu dubbing will soon be airing in Pakistan.

A private TV channel took over the role and yesterday the Urdu teaser was released. 

⚔️ Coming Soon ⚔️ Promo ⚔️ Stay Tuned For More Updates #GeoTV #GeoNetwork #GeoEntertainment

— HarPal Geo (@HarPalGeoTv) April 6, 2021

This news is thrilling for lovers of the historical dramas. Mera Sultan was previously broadcast on the TV channel and was undoubtedly extremely successful in Pakistan.

Pakistani viewers are intrigued but eager to see another jewel of a TV drama. We don’t know yet when the TV channel will officially start airing the dubbed version of the series. However, more updates will be available soon.

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