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Zoya Nasir confirms breakup with Christian Betzmann

 As Christian Betzmann converted to Islam and proposed to Zoya Nasir, they became the talk of the region. Zoya and Christian were thrust into the spotlight. The pair was getting married and even had a Dholki. Recently, it was reported that Zoya and Christian had split up after they unfollowed each other on social networking platforms.

Zoya Nasir confirms breakup with Christian Betzmann

“It’s with a heavy heart that I’m declaring that Christian Betzmann and I are no longer engaged to be married,” Zoya wrote in a recent Instagram post.

Zoya Nasir confirms breakup with Christian Betzmann

Unlike several other celebrities, Zoya expressed the reason for her divorce with her emotionally engaged fans and supporters, saying, “His abrupt shift in attitude towards my culture, my nation, my people, and insensitivity towards my faith has led me to take this challenging and irreversible decision.”

Zoya also said, “Humility, Tolerance, and Respect for One Another are the values to which we must all adhere.” I pray to Allah to give me the courage to cope with this earthly emotional wreck. I wish Chris a prosperous and peaceful future.”

In the end, Zoya requested for space and privacy for myself and my family as we begin to navigate this emotional turmoil.

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