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Apple restricts reverting back after upgrading to iOS 15.2

December 13 saw the release of iOS 15.2, which included several significant new features, including a new color scheme for Apple Safari on iPhones. Additionally, it fixed six flaws that posed a severe threat to the devices. For the sake of eliminating the problems, users were encouraged to make the switch to the new OS as soon as possible.

Apple restricts reverting back after upgrading to iOS 15.2

After upgrading to iOS 15.2, You can not revert back

Apple has made it impossible for users to revert to iOS 15.1 after many people upgraded to iOS 15.2 to combat the previous issues. It is no longer accessible to iPhones because of the company’s decision.

There was also an upgrade to FaceTime’s SharePlay and the Covid-19 vaccination certificate in Apple’s wallet app with iOS 15.1, along with several other features. For this reason, users yearned to roll back to earlier releases. Jailbreaking was also a popular option for many users.

Even though it was impossible to revert, they had to stick with iOS 15.2. It appears that users won’t be able to take advantage of the previous versions until the 15.3 version is released.

The number of iOS 15.1 users has now surpassed the number of iPhone 13 owners, according to 9to5Mac.

Finally, no iPhone or iPad user will be able to use iOS 15.1, and those who are not happy with iOS 15.2 will have to wait for the new update to get rid of the present one.

It’s still unclear why the iPhone made this decision to not allow users to revert back.

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