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Drama Hasrat – Cast, Schedule and Story

Drama Hasrat is the new drama on ARY Digital. Hasrat is a captivating drama serial that promises to enthrall viewers with its intriguing storyline and stellar cast. Hasrat explores the destructive power of jealousy and bitterness, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats.

Drama Hasrat – Cast, Schedule, and Story

Drama Hasrat - Cast, Schedule and Story

Masterminds Behind Hasrat

The drama is directed by Syed Meesam Naqvi who is known for his exceptional storytelling abilities. Renowned writer Rakshanda Rizvi brings her creative vision to life with a script that is both complex and relatable. Big Bang Productions, a powerhouse in the Pakistani entertainment industry, takes the helm of production, ensuring a high-quality viewing experience.

Drama Hasrat - Cast, Schedule and Story

Story of Drama Hasrat

Drama Hasrat story revolves around a woman’s jealousy and bitterness causing problems in the lives of others.

Cast of Drama Hasrat

Hasrat boasts a phenomenal cast, featuring a blend of seasoned veterans and rising stars.

  • Kiran Haq: A household name in Pakistani television, Kiran Haq brings her captivating presence to the screen.
  • Fahad Sheikh: The versatile Fahad Sheikh showcases his acting prowess, captivating audiences with his charm.
  • Janice Tessa: A rising star, Janice Tessa shines as the second lead, marking her mark in the industry.
  • Subhan Awan: Fresh off the success of Tere Bin, Subhan Awan continues to impress with his performance in Hasrat.
  • Rubina Ashraf: The legendary Rubina Ashraf graces the screen with her unmatched acting experience.
  • Samhan Ghazi: A rising talent, Samhan Ghazi brings his theatrical background to the drama.
  • Sharmeen Ali: The beautiful and talented Sharmeen Ali adds her brilliance to the cast.
  • Parveen Akbar: The veteran actress Parveen Akbar delivers a powerful performance, captivating viewers.

Drama Hasrat Timing

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Hasrat every day at 7:00 PM on ARY Digital. With its compelling plot, exceptional cast, and talented production team, Hasrat promises to be a must-watch drama for Pakistani television enthusiasts.

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