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Drama Serial Sang-e-Mah Cast and Release Date

A new date has been set for the premiere of Sang-e-Mah, one of the most eagerly anticipated drama series of 2022. The cast of Sang-e-Mah is drawing a lot of attention. With Atif Aslam and Hania Aamir, and Kubra Khan among the list.

Drama Serial Sang-e-Mah Cast and Release Date

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Atif Aslam will make his acting debut in this film. However, he was most recently seen in Shoaib Mansoor’s social drama, Bol. After a 14-year absence, Bol returns to the industry with a new film.

A previous mention of Sang-e-first Mah’s episode premiering on cinema screens on January 7th. On the other hand, the network has pushed out the premiere date to Saturday, January 8, 2022.

Zaviyar Ijaz, the son of Nauman Ijaz, is one of the film’s cast members. Since his debut in December, Atif Aslam has garnered favorable reviews from his fans. They described his entrance into theatre as “enthusiastic.”

In a recent Instagram post, Hania indicated that Sang-e-Mah would center on the “ghag” custom.

This is the second installment of Sang-e-Mar Mar. In which Naumaan and Mikaal featured alongside Kubra and Sania. In 2017, it received many Award nominations. The serial told the narrative of a tribal family that places a high value on its strict observance of tradition and morality.

Sang-e-teasers Mah’s have been seen more than a million times on YouTube. Saife Hassan is behind the camera, and the press has dubbed it a “transcendent tale of love and retribution.”

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