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Feroz Khan and Alizeh Expecting 2nd child – Rumors

It’s safe to say that Feroze Khan is a household name among the younger generation. This man is now widely known and loved as the new angry romantic hero and his characters generate a buzz everytime they come on screen.

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Alizey Feroze was married to Feroz Khan and their wedding to him was an all-fan affair, with his admirers offering their best wishes for a long and happy marriage to him.

Sultan Khan, the couple’s handsome son made their life even more colorful and prosperous. It’s no secret to everyone who knows Feroze that he attributes all of his happiness to his son.

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The rumour that Feroze Khan and Alizeh expecting a second child is making the rounds on the gossip circuit. Feroze and Alizey’s fan sites posted wedding photos and praised the newlyweds.

Feroz Khan and Alizeh Expecting 2nd child - Rumors

We pray for the best for Feroze Khan and Alizeh.

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