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Pakistan Army inducts First Batch of Nuclear-Capable SH-15 Howitzers From China

To further strengthen its artillery, it is reported that the Pakistan Army has received the first batch of nuclear-capable self-propelled 155mm SH-15 howitzers from China.

Pakistan Army inducts First Batch of Nuclear-Capable SH-15 Howitzers From China

NORINCO, a Chinese state-owned defense manufacturer, will supply Pakistan with 236 howitzers, but the exact number of howitzers in the first shipment has yet to be made public. Zhuhai Airshow China was where NORINCO unveiled the SH-15 howitzer in November of 2018. While at IDEAS in Karachi, it also had its howitzer on display for visitors to see.

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China’s defense company had also carried out tests of the SH-15 on Pakistani soil. Trials were initially kept under wraps, but an image of one of the trials was published in a Chinese magazine, revealing the trials’ overall structure.

US-built 155mm M109 A5 tracked self-propelled howitzers and Chinese 155mm SH1 and 122mm SH2 wheeled self-propelled howitzers are currently being used by the Pakistani Army.

Additional details on the SH-15 Howitzer

The SH-15 howitzer, like the French CAESAR truck-mounted howitzer, is similar in concept. In the back of the truck is a 155 mm gun-howitzer that can be fired from the back of the vehicle. Fire control, positioning, and targeting systems are all computerized in this weapon.

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Indirect and direct fire can be used. With a rocket-assisted V-LAP projectile, it can reach a maximum range of 53 kilometers. It has a burst rate of up to six rounds per second. To evade counterfire, it can fire rounds and move from its offensive position in under a minute.

To put it another way, it can fit up to six people in it. The cabin crew is protected from small arms fire and shell splinters by armored windows and a bulletproof windshield in the front cabin.

Its mass is estimated at 22 tonnes. It can go as fast as 90 kilometers per hour. When the tank is full, it has a maximum range of 600 kilometers.

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