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Amir Liaquat and Tuba Divorce Controversy – Tuba Opens Up

Aamir Liaquat has said that Syeda Tuba Anwar is still his wife. He said that He has not divorced Tuba and if she marries, it will be Zannah.

Responding to the statement by Liaquat, Tuba took to Instagram and said: “I wish to reiterate that I chose to divorce my ex-husband through the court system, as per my constitutional right as a Pakistani citizen.”

Syeda Tuba Amir Beautiful Pictures

She added that the divorce was granted by the honorable court in accordance with Pakistani laws.

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Amir Liaquat and Tuba Divorce Controversy - Tuba Opens Up

She asked Islamic experts to speak up for women who chose to exercise their rights in accordance with Sharia and Pakistan’s constitution, calling the media’s allegations a “complete misinterpretation.”

“Islam permits women to seek divorce if the marriage is no longer working,” she wrote, adding that “taking a graceful exit from a toxic and abusive marriage is a right and not a sin”.

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