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Pakistani Brand Handbags features in Paris Fashion Week

Hirra Babar is a 33-year-old Lahore-based handbag designer. In 2006, she founded Warp. In September, she will present her handbags at the third season of Paris fashion week.

Pakistani Brand Handbags features in Paris Fashion Week

WARP is founded on the idea of repurposing ancient craftsmanship to create new and one-of-a-kind forms that inject a modern touch into classic leather purses and accessories.

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Warp’s objective is to strengthen and promote high-grade leather accessory production in Pakistan by utilising the finest quality leather acquired from all around the country.

The collection, which includes a series of ‘hexella’ handbags in Warp’s distinctive elegant geometric design, has already been displayed at a number of international trade shows and fashion weeks.

From participating in Mipel (a prestigious leather handbag and accessory event) in Milan in 2018 to presenting at Trano (a leading trade show) during three seasons of Paris Fashion Week in 2019 and 2020, Warp was also chosen by the National Chamber of Italian Fashion to exhibit its pieces at Mipel in the emerging brands’ category.


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