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Who is Amir Liaquat 3rd wife Syeda Dania Shah

Syeda Tuba and Aamir Liaquat Hussain’s divorce was not a new rumour. Since last year, it had already been circulating on social media. Syed Tuba, on the other hand, announced her divorce from Aamir Liaqat last night.

Who is Amir Liaquat 3rd wife Syeda Dania Shah

In the midst of the public shock, Aamir Liaqat announced his third marriage to an 18-year-old girl. People are now wondering about the identity of his third wife and why he married her, as well as the reason for their union.

Who is Syeda Dania Shah

Amir Liaquat claims his third wife’s name is Syeda Dania Shah, and she is 18 years old, according to Aamir. She’s a Lodhran native with a Saraiki surname and a sweet, endearing personality.

2nd wife Syeda Tuba

Syeda Tuba and her husband of four years, Liaquat, announced their divorce on Wednesday night.

Syeda Tuba announced on social media that she had filed a complaint against Khula after an altercation with Aamir Liaquat (when the wife utilises her right to demand separation). My life has undergone a major shift, and I’d like to share it with the world. As Tuba, 28, explained in a statement released Friday night, “I had no choice but to remove Khullah from Court after it became clear that there was no prospect of reconciliation” following their 14-month separation.

Amir married his second wife Tuba in 2018, despite her first wife opposition opposition. He has two children from first wife.

“It was the most painful and horrific thing that had ever happened to me and my children,” ex-wife Bushra Iqbal said in of Aamir’s divorce.

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