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SeePrime “Sufiya Ki Roza Khushai” is set to release

SeePrime; Seeme Group of companies’ latest entertainment platform, is set to release another short feature, “Sufiya Ki RozaKhushai”.

“Sufiya Ki Roza Khushai” is an endearing reminder of the spirit of Ramadan

SeePrime Sufiya Ki RozaKhushai

Seeme Group of companies, one of the most esteemed full-service production companies in Pakistan, had recently launched their newest entertainment medium SeePrime on YouTube; with the aim of altering the digital entertainment landscape.

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Written by Rashna Abidi, the short film stars Hoorain Lyka Ali, as Sufiya; alongside Taqi Ahmed, Iman Zaidi, and Tasneem Ansari in supporting/main roles.

SeePrime Sufiya Ki RozaKhushai

Seemeen Naveed , the Director of Seeme Productions, undertook executive producer duties for the See Prime original, while Ali Hussain and Mahib Bukhari were the producers. The film’s overall visual aesthetic feel is by Asim Raza, their director of photography.

The story revolves around Sufiya; starring Hoorain Lyka Ali, and the experience of her first fast. The short film serves a deeper purpose as well, it touches upon the teachings of Islam and what the real motivation behind observing a fast should be.

SeePrime Sufiya Ki RozaKhushai

“Sufiya Ki Roza Khushai” is set to release at 06:00 PM on Friday, April 22, 2022 – and will be available for viewing on SeePrime’s official YouTube channel.

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