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Dur e Fishan Flawless Skin – Diva shares Beauty Tips

Dur e Fishan is stunning, and her flawless skin and hair, along with her no-makeup looks, have wowed everyone. She is seldom seen wearing excessive makeup, and her skin radiates from the inside out. She was asked what suggestion she might provide for healthy skin and hair during her appearance on Express Entertainment’s Ramadan programme.

Dur e Fishan Offers Skincare Advice to Fans

Dur e Fishan

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Dur e Fishan explained that she was born with naturally beautiful features and has never done much to improve them. However, when it comes to her skin, she shared that she did not wear much makeup when she was younger and now cleanses it with homemade masks made from orange peels, yoghurt, honey, and rose water.

Dur e Fishan is a newcomer to the field, and she is already making an impression with her skill and attractiveness. We’ve seen her in a number of popular dramas recently, including Dilruba, Bharas, and Pardes, and she’ll soon appear alongside Danish Taimoor in Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi.

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