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Seran Luxury Lawn Eid Edit 2022

New designs from Seran Luxury Lawn Eid Edit 2022 are genuinely magnificent in spirit and charm, with meticulously styled craftsmanship and luxurious embroideries that engulf an idyllic and delicious color palette. This year, all eyes will be on Mawra Hussain as the face of Seran new lawn line, Seran Luxury Lawn Eid Edit 2022. She perfectly complements the brand’s mission and looks with her demure demeanor, impeccable style, and composure.

Seran Luxury Lawn Eid Edit 2022

It’s all about looking forward to Seran Luxury Lawn Eid Edit 2022. Flowers and animals thrive to their fullest potential in this area, where the golden light beams brightly on them. The bird’s chirp and the air are filled with optimism and peace. As a result, you’ll want to prepare yourself for a summer of romance. As long as it’s done with a heart of gratitude and an abundance of appreciation for your blessings, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

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Elegant and sophisticated, this Seran Luxury Lawn Eid Edit collection perfectly displays the distinctive styles of two inter-company businesses. Dynasty is known for its love of fine materials, and Serán’s distinct and beautiful style is evident in each outfit.

Each of the fifteen stylish outfits in this Seran Luxury Lawn Eid Edit collection has been meticulously adorned with fascinating colors, color blocking and decorative motifs, traditional ornaments, effervescent patterns, and delicate embroidery. Summer is well encapsulated by the cool color scheme and light materials like grass, chiffon, silk, organza, and net. So go ahead and stock up on these summer wardrobe essentials to keep you cool and beautiful while yet being comfortable.

Let’s check a few gorgeous designs from the Seran Luxury Lawn Eid Edit collection.

Floral Haze

In an alluring sky blue hue, a refreshingly embroidered Pima lawn shirt is animated with an intricate mesh of embroideries in mesmerizing shades of bright orange, pink, olive, and silver silk threads – ‘Floral Haze’ features feminine floral motifs and patterns that will leave you spellbound. This beautiful ensemble is highlighted with lush sequins and paired with a gorgeous printed medium silk dupatta in contrasting hues of orange and a classic complimentary trouser.

Seran Luxury Lawn Eid Edit 2022

Lavender Breeze

Rendered in a blissful lilac and lavishly laden with delicate vintage floral and geometric embroideries, this ensemble exudes festive charm at its feminine best. “Lavender Breeze” is accentuated with beautiful embroidery detailing in pearl, purple, pink, and silver silk threads – a sublime design that will look best in a long flowing silhouette for a timelessly elegant look. This ensemble comes paired with an equally stunning masoori printed dupatta and a classic dyed trouser to complete its look.

Seran Luxury Lawn Eid Edit 2022

Enchanted Orchard

A feminine coral pink Pima lawn shirt base forms a magnetic base for ‘Enchanted Orchard,’ featuring a mix of floral and ornamental embroideries complimenting pink, cream, and olive hues. This stunning ensemble comes paired with a gorgeous printed lurix silk dupatta with hints of lilac and a bright matching cambric trouser. You’re sure to make a bold yet classy style statement this festive season in this elegant ensemble!

Seran Luxury Lawn Eid Edit 2022

Monochrome Magic

Featuring soft and feminine details, ‘Monochrome Magic’ showcases exotic floral embroideries in a sooty silk thread delicately crafted on a soothing off-white Pima lawn shirt using traditional ‘boring’ techniques. This magical monochrome ensemble comes paired with an equally elegant, embroidered organza dupatta, highlighted by beautiful borders and a classic dyed trouser. This classy design will be ideal for any festive occasion this summer.

Seran Luxury Lawn Eid Edit 2022

Buy Seran Luxury Lawn Eid Edit 2022 Online

You can easily buy Seran Luxury Lawn Eid Edit 2022 online by visiting Seran Website and placing your order.

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