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3 ways to Secure Your WhatsApp from Hackers

WhatsApp has given the users 3 ways to keep their account safe and said that those who follow them will save their number from being hacked.

Through a series of tweets on Twitter, WhatsApp told users that if they use two-step verification, end-to-end encryption, block/report, the account will always be under their control.

Secure Your WhatsApp from Hackers

3 ways to Secure Your WhatsApp from Hackers

Two Step Verification

The company said the first layer of account protection is two-step verification, a feature that requires entering a secret code to use the account on another mobile.

End-to-end Encryption

Another feature of WhatsApp’s security feature is end-to-end encryption, whereby messages sent by one user to another friend cannot be seen by anyone other than the user.


The last and major security layer of WhatsApp is actually called Kombo which allows the user to report or block any suspicious number.

By following all these steps the user can use WhatsApp without fear.

WhatsApp, on the other hand, has started testing a feature to stop recording videos, photos and audio files sent for one-time viewing.

Under the said feature, users will no longer be able to take a screenshot or record any ‘Once View’ image, video or audio file.

Under this feature, if a person tries to take a screenshot of the received ‘Once View’ video, audio and image, he will receive a notification instead of the screenshot, informing him that under the security features, screenshots can not be taken.

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