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9 Style Tips For Men Who Are In Their 30s

The 30s is a decade where most men have gotten hold of the reins of their lives, evolving into more mature and refined personalities than their 20s selves. It’s time to develop a personal style and be clear about your fashion and grooming choices. 

After their 20s, men often overlook their bearing, paying less attention to details and even their grooming habits. They also tend to stick to a few neutral hues and formal clothing, a practice which broadly inhibits a dapper look that a 30+ man can easily pull off. You should explore the vast arena of men’s fashion and pick things that bring out the best in you. Style choices that make you comfortable are the key to nailing any outfit with aplomb.

9 Style Tips For Men Who Are In Their 30s

9 Style Tips For Men Who Are In Their 30s

Read on to learn some easy-to-follow tips that will transform you into a voguish man having a phenomenal time in his 30s.  

Develop a Personal Style

There is nothing wrong with having a few basic t-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, jackets, and sneakers that every other guy has. However, you must own each look with something specific to have the edge over all the others. Your style might be a particular type of fashion style, such as the preppy style, rugged style, athleisure, or classic. Or, it can simply be a personalized touch, such as a colour, pattern, or accessory. Developing a personal style is a weapon in your arsenal that isn’t going to miss the bull’s eye when it comes to making a good impression. 

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Consider Building a Capsule Wardrobe

Having an interchangeable wardrobe with classic staples and a few trendy pieces is the key to becoming that sought-after, well-dressed man in his 30s. Buy items that go with a variety of pins in your current wardrobe. 

For the tops, wear a few t-shirts in solid colours, such as black, grey, white, and navy, along with some stylish polos. Collared shirts can be a mix of plain and patterned, not to forget a few formal shirts that you can wear to work or under your suits. Be subtle when it comes to the choice of bottom wear, as the quirky style of badly ripped jeans and skinny fits are no longer appropriate now that you are past your 20s. Go for straight-leg, tapered, or relaxed-fit jeans, preferably in blue and grey. Also, khakis and chinos are good options.  

Ace the Layering Game

Jackets, blazers, and cardigans are the hero pieces in your wardrobe. They are both stylish and functional, lending themselves to various outfits. Lightweight jackets such as the plaid shacket are excellent for fall, or you could go for tweed jackets and cardigans. Stock up on a few voguish leather jackets, puffer jackets, and parkas for the winter. Waistcoats and blazers can be an excellent choice for the semi-formal and formal look. 

A trendy look of charming men in their 30s is that of wearing a sweater over a collared shirt. You can also opt for neutral-coloured turtlenecks with jeans, chinos, and different jackets.

Strike a Balance Between Fashion Trends and Personal Preferences

Don’t let experimentation take a backseat yet, as many fashion trends dominating streets of fashion capitals worldwide can be adopted even if you have crossed your 20s. Whether it’s the rugged style combat boots, 90s style relaxed fit jeans, or biker jackets, you can stay on top of trends as long as it doesn’t clash with your specific style.

Tailored Clothing

Tailoring your clothes suddenly becomes vital as you enter your 30s, thanks to the body measurement issues that men usually start facing. Also, the experimentation with too-skinny and too-baggy fits tends to subside. Tailored shirts, trousers, and coats that complement your build are better than off-the-rack options. Also, you must have a few custom-made suits in your wardrobe as there will be lots of weddings and semi-formal events that you will need to attend.

Don’t Give Up on Athleisure Wear

Wardrobes of teenagers and men in their 20s usually have great hoodies, tracksuits, and sports. However, being in your 30s doesn’t mean you should completely give up on athleisure. 

Although you might not want to go for the graphic, vividly coloured options you wore back in the day, you can opt for hoodies, zipped jackets, joggers, and sporty shoes in muted hues. There are some fantastic clothing brands in Karachi where you can get premium-quality t-shirts, hoodies, and trousers that are well-suited for mature men. 

Keeping Up with Your Grooming

Now that you are living the prime years of your life, grooming must not take a backseat. Do understand that even the most expensive outfit won’t make you handsome if you ignore hygiene and regular grooming.

Some of the vital grooming tips for men in their 30s are: 

  • Use a good face wash specifically for men to eliminate the skin impurities that make you look worn out.
  • Keep your nails clean, and trim them regularly.
  • Pick a hairstyle that suits your face. Get a haircut regularly to maintain a well-groomed appearance.
  • Use a deodorant daily, and spare others the displeasure of an awful body odour. 
  • A french beard will make you look incredibly masculine and dashing, but make sure you maintain its size and shape.

Accessories to Round Off the Looks

The Thirties is the time to let go of quirky accessories and instead opt for a few classic ones that would complete your outfits stylishly. Buy suitable quality leather belts that match your shoes. Keep a few baseball caps in your wardrobe as well. 

Every man in his thirties should own a classy watch. You can go for some excellent minimalist watches to elevate your looks.  A pair of wayfarer or aviator-style shades allow you to look awe-inspiring, so make sure you put them on when needed. 

The Right Fragrance Adds to Your Style

Lastly, take your time to pick suitable fragrances so that you leave a good impression on anyone you meet. Smelling nice not only woos everyone but also instils a lot of confidence in you, resulting in professional success. 

In your thirties, you have a more robust and mature persona, so make sure your perfume is suitable to portray the same. We recommend going for fragrances with smoky or woody notes.


The fourth decade of your life is a prime age, where you still feel energetic and full of life, fused perfectly with newfound maturity and responsibility. Your style should reflect the same. The above-mentioned tips will help you nail any outfit quickly, giving you the unparalleled confidence required to look good. 


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