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Nikhar Unstitched Luxury Formals by Awwal 2022

After receiving a tremendous reaction to its debut collection, Awwal is about to unveil its second collection Nikhar. The Nikhar line by Awwal focuses on classic wedding attire. We hope you enjoy browsing the Nikhar collection and know every item was made with love and passion. This bridal collection by Awwal has classic cuts with handwork embellishments and elaborate motifs and decorations. It’s officially wedding season, so it is time to start planning your stunning new bridal ensemble. As a result, Awwal is releasing a Nikhar assortment of exquisite garments in various hues.

Nikhar Unstitched Luxury Formals

Nikhar Unstitched Luxury Formals by Awwal 2022

All the outfits in Nikhar by Awwal’s latest collection include elaborate embroidery, giving the wearer a timeless, elegant appearance. Nikhar is a high-quality, hand-embellished line that offers a stunning assortment of cutting-edge styles, such as long and front open-style shirts. This Nikhar line is made more beautiful and distinctive by the intricate creative embroidery used in various colour combinations. With its holiday Nikhar collection, Awwal is a premium brand that provides festive outfits to transform your look into a trendsetter.

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In addition to dark tones, Nikhar by Awwal also delivers elegant pastel tones for your future wedding outfits. Numerous weddings held during the daylight demand pastel hues.

Nikhar Unstitched Luxury Formals by Awwal 2022 Nikhar Unstitched Luxury Formals by Awwal 2022 Nikhar Unstitched Luxury Formals by Awwal 2022

This exquisite garment will be available in the following Awwal collection if you have difficulty acquiring it. The diverse materials and intricate creative embroidery make this outfit more beautiful and unique.

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Nikhar Unstitched Luxury Formals by Awwal 2022 Nikhar Unstitched Luxury Formals by Awwal 2022

So, are you prepared to make a daring statement with the beautiful and alluring garments from the Awwal Nikhar collection? Everything in the Nikhar by Awwal line, from the fabric to the delicate touch of the complex motifs, is highly distinctive and of the highest quality.

Nikhar Unstitched Luxury Formals by Awwal 2022 Nikhar Unstitched Luxury Formals by Awwal 2022 Nikhar Unstitched Luxury Formals by Awwal 2022

Buy Nikhar Unstitched Luxury Formals

Awwal is to launch its Nikhar collection by 16th December. Just head over to the Awwal website and place your order.

Tips for Winter Wedding

Winter can be a beautiful time of year to have a wedding, with the potential for snow-covered landscapes and cozy indoor venues. Here are a few tips to help make your winter wedding a success:

  1. Plan for inclement weather: There is a higher chance of rain and cold temperatures in the winter, so it’s essential to plan for potential weather-related issues. Consider having a backup plan for your ceremony and reception location in case of bad weather, and make sure to communicate any changes to your guests in advance.
  2. Embrace the season: Winter provides a unique opportunity to incorporate seasonal elements into your wedding decor. Think about using white and silver accents, pinecones, and evergreen branches in your floral arrangements. You could also serve hot cocoa or spiced cider as a welcome drink for your guests.
  3. Provide warm accessories: As a thoughtful gesture, consider providing guests with warm accessories like blankets or shawls to help them stay comfortable during outdoor portions of the wedding. This will be especially appreciated by guests who may not be used to the colder temperatures.
  4. Choose warm and cozy venues: When selecting your ceremony and reception venues, consider spaces with fireplaces or other comfortable features to help keep your guests warm. You could also opt for a platform with outdoor heating options, such as patio heaters, to extend the use of outdoor spaces.
  5. Consider the timing: In the winter, the days are shorter, and the sun sets earlier. This can affect the timing of your wedding, so be sure to plan accordingly. Consider starting your ceremony and reception earlier to make the most of the natural light, and prepare for additional lighting for any evening events.
  6. Have fun! Winter weddings can be beautiful and unique, so embrace the season and have a wonderful time celebrating your special day.

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