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“Koi Menu Na Rokay” – Pasoori breaks the record for the most streamed Pakistani song on Spotify of All Time

Karachi, December 13, 2022 – 2022 has been the year of “Pasoori”, the infamous track of Ali Sethi and Shae Gill from Coke Studio Season 14 that listeners still can’t get enough of, making it the most streamed Pakistani song of all time on Spotify. “Pasoori” with its catchy lyrics, groovy beat and hip vibe has been a viral sensation since its release and was cited as the most streamed Pakistani song of the year, as per Spotify’s Wrapped insights, both locally and globally.

“Koi Menu Na Rokay” – Pasoori breaks the record for the most streamed Pakistani song on Spotify of All Time

Ali Sethi, the magical vocalist of the track, has shared the achievement on his social media platforms abundantly. “Pasoori has surpassed expectations, overcome prejudices, and broken so many records. I am so proud of Pasoori for achieving these milestones while fully embodying its message of inclusion,” Ali commented while expressing his excitement over the love that the song has received the world over.

At the same time, Shae Gill, who is EQUAL Pakistan’s Ambassador for the month of December has been loving the universality of her song both conceptually and musically. She admired the extent of how many people the track has managed to touch around the world. “A huge achievement for Pakistan and something that we all can be proud of,” she exclaimed
Pasoori’s virality has known no bounds inspiring numerous renditions and performances, keeping its position strong amongst listeners who just can’t stop obsessing over it.

Commenting on the success of Pasoori on Spotify, the audio streaming giant’s Artist & Label Partnerships Manager for Pakistan, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh, Khan FM, stated: “We are ecstatic that Pasoori as a track has surpassed unprecedented milestones creating a global sensation that listeners thoroughly enjoy. At Spotify, we focus on providing listeners with unique experiences and the triumph of Pasoori has been highlighted in abundantly creative ways to reflect the magnificence that it has brought.”

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