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Haq Meher Of Ansha Afridi – Surprising Details

This past Friday, fast bowler Shaheen Shah Afridi wed Ansha Afridi, the second oldest daughter of former Pakistani captain Shahid Afridi, in a private Nikah ceremony. Shaheen Afridi’s wedding received a lot of attention on social media. Many celebrities and fans send best wishes to the happy couple via their social media channels.

Haq Meher Of Ansha Afridi - Surprising Details

Shaheen and Ansha exchanged wedding vows inside the Zakria Mosque. Shahid Afridi, the bride’s father, and many other relatives attended the wedding with the groom. Maulana Abdul Sattar performed the Nikah ceremony.

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Ansha Afridi Haq Meher Details

Here we will be sharing One of the best thing about the wedding and that is Amount of Haq Meher which is given to Ansha. The Mehar-e-Fatima dowry was bestowed upon Ansha, like it had been bestowed upon her older sister Aqsa, in reference to the dowry bestowed upon the Lady of Paradise, Bibi Fatima al-Zahra, by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). This Haq Meher is equivalent to 500 dirhams or 131 tolas and 4 mashes of silver. As per current prices, 131 tolas of silver will cost more than Rs300,000.

Haq Meher Of Ansha Afridi - Surprising Details
Haq Meher Of Ansha Afridi - Surprising Details

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