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How Faisal Qureshi met his Wife Sana

Karachi (INP) Faisal Qureshi, a versatile actor of Pakistan showbiz industry, told in his recent interview how he proposed marriage to his wife Sana Faisal.

While giving an interview to a private TV program, Faisal Qureshi answered a question about how he met his wife Sana Faisal before marriage. Their love story is quite simple.

Faisal Qureshi and Sana Wedding

How Faisal Qureshi met his Wife Sana

Faisal Qureshi Love Story Details

Faisal met Sana for the first time at a friend’s wedding, where he took some of her pictures. He asked Sana for her number to send her pictures but instead of giving the number, she gave an e-mail address.

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Faisal Qureshi further said that he emailed Sana Faisal but did not receive any reply. After two years, I emailed Sana again and proposed her. She told Faisal to talk to her father. Her father asked why do you want to marry Sana?

How Faisal Qureshi met his Wife Sana
How Faisal Qureshi met his Wife Sana

Faisal Qureshi told her father that I want to settle down and love Sana. That’s how Faisal Qureshi and Sana got married. Let it be clear that Faisal Qureshi and Sana Fasail have been married for more than 11 years and they have 2 children, elder daughter Ayat Qureshi and One son is Farman Qureshi.

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