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Sana Fakhar Opens up about Her Divorce

Actress Sana says that God never separates two good people, nor does God like divorce, but married couples are separated when hypocrisy occurs in one of the person. Actress Sana recently appeared on Nader Ali’s podcast, where she opened up for the first time about her divorce and post-divorce life and how she lives with the kids now.

Sana Fakhar Divorce

Sana Fakhar Opens up about Her Divorce

The actress said that just as God doesn’t like divorce, she didn’t like it either, but she had to take this step, because if she didn’t do it, many other things would have broken. According to Sana, their marriage was happy for 14 years and she never thought that she would do this but she had to because of some wrong things.

Reason for Divorce

In response to a question, the actress said that people want to know about her divorce and her life before it, and she also knows that people want to be entertained by the end of their married life, but divorce is not entertainment. She can’t entertain people over it.

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Actress Sana cited hypocrisy as the reason for the end of her 14-year marriage, but she refrained from making further accusations against her ex-husband.

She said that at present both the children are with her and it is too early to say anything about the future of the children.

Sana Fakhar Opens up about Her Divorce

It should be noted that actress Sana had confirmed her divorce from her husband through her social media post in October 2022. She married Fakhar Jafri in 2008 and has two children.

Sana Fakhar Career

Although Sana Fakhar has been away from the screen for some time now, she makes guest appearances on TV shows and programs and also dabbles in modelling.

Along with this, she is also active on social media and has a special focus on fitness issues. Sana Fakhar started her career in films in 1997 and is one of the popular heroines of 2000s, she acted in films as well as several dramas.

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