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Japanese Man Made the World’s Largest GPS Art to Propose His Girlfriend

Some people go to great lengths to show their love and make their proposals memorable. But Yasushi Takahashi, also known as Yassan, took it to a whole new level. He decided to use the entire country of Japan as his canvas and create the world’s largest GPS art to ask his girlfriend to marry him.

The Epic Journey of Love and Art

Japanese Man Made the World's Largest GPS Art to Propose His Girlfriend

GPS art is a form of digital art that involves using a GPS device to track and record one’s movements on a map. By following a pre-planned route, the artist can create shapes, patterns, or messages that can be seen on the map.

Yassan’s GPS art was not only impressive in size, but also in duration. He spent six months traveling from Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan, to Kagoshima, the southernmost point of the mainland. He covered a distance of over 7,000 kilometers (4,000 miles) by foot, bike, car, ferry, and even kayak.

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His GPS art consisted of the words “MARRY ME” with a heart and an arrow at the end. He also added the date of his proposal, July 8th, 2008. He recorded his journey using a GPS logger and uploaded it to Google Earth.

His girlfriend, who had no idea what he was up to, was stunned and touched by his gesture. She said yes, of course. Yassan’s GPS art proposal also earned him a Guinness World Record for the largest GPS drawing by an individual.

Yassan said he wanted to do something different and creative to express his feelings. He also wanted to inspire others to pursue their dreams and passions. He said he hopes his GPS art will make people smile and think about what they can do with their lives.

Yassan’s GPS art proposal is not only a remarkable feat of love and art, but also a testament to the power of technology and imagination. It shows how one can use GPS to create something meaningful and beautiful that can be seen by anyone in the world.

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