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German Woman Embraced Islam for Love and Raised Six Hafiz Kids

Love can make us do amazing things. For this German woman, love led her to embrace Islam and marry a Muslim man. But that was not the end of her journey. She also dedicated herself to learning and practicing Islam in every aspect of her life. She changed her name to Rukhsana and lived a happy and harmonious married life with her husband.

A Story of Love, Sacrifice and Faith

German Woman Embraced Islam for Love and Raised Six Hafiz Kids

Together, they were blessed with six children, two sons and four daughters. Living in Berlin, Germany, they faced many challenges and opportunities as a Muslim family. One of their biggest achievements was to make all their children memorize the Qur’an, the holy book of Islam. This is a rare and remarkable feat, especially in a non-Muslim country.

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Now, they also share their experiences and insights with other Muslim parents through vlogs and social media. They offer tips and advice on how to best train their children according to Islamic teachings and values. They also show the beauty and diversity of Islam in their daily lives.

This is a story of love, sacrifice and faith that inspires and motivates us to follow our hearts and seek the guidance and mercy of Allah.

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