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Easy Guide to Compress a Video on iPhone – 4 Easy Methods

4K quality sounds so good but it does get a lot of your phone’s storage. If you are also tired of your iPhone videos hogging storage space then you are at the right point. The good thing is that you can easily compress a video on iPhone! This guide explores various methods to compress a video on iPhone while preserving quality. This will help you reclaim precious storage and share your creations without limitations.

A Guide to Compress a Video on iPhone

Easy Guide to Compress a Video on iPhone - 4 Easy Methods

Using Built-in Editor to Compress a Video

Your iPhone’s built-in editor lets you trim unnecessary parts, reducing file size. Open the video in Photos and tap “Edit. Use the slider to pinpoint the sections you want to remove. Remember, trimming only affects the beginning or end, not the middle.

Automating the Process with Shortcut

You can use the magic of a shortcut to compress a video on iPhone. It is a bit advanced but can be done easily. Here are steps that you can follow to create a custom shortcut that will automatically compress videos.

  • Open the Shortcut app and search for “Get Images from Input“.
  • Choose “Shortcut Input” and “Show in Share Sheet“.
  • Add “Set Variable” and name it “Video“.
  • Use “Count” and “If” actions to check if the video exists. Then, use “Get Variable” “Select Photos” and “Encode Media” to compress the video with your preferred resolution.
  • Finally, add “Choose from Menu” to offer options like saving or sharing.
  • To use the shortcut, simply share the video and select “Compress Video

💡We have already created a shortcut to compress video on iPhone. You can download this shortcut and start using it without to getting into the hassle of self-creating.

Use iMovie Magic for Compressing with a Twist

iMovie offers another compression option. Start a “Magic Movie” project, select your video, and make any desired edits. Tap “Export and Share” then “Share Video“. Choose “Options” and select a lower resolution for a smaller file. Tap “Done” to save the compressed video.

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Third-party Apps to compress a Video on iPhone

Several third-party apps offer advanced compression features for videos. Video Compress is a free and popular choice that allow you to select the compression ratio. You can preview the compressed video before saving it. Choose your desired format and adjust the slider to find the perfect balance between size and quality.

Lowering Resolution on iPhone Camera

One of the easy ways to save storage space is by recording videos in lower resolutions directly. Go to Settings > Camera > Record Video and choose a resolution that suits your needs. Remember, lower resolution means a smaller file size but with slightly reduced quality. Consider your audience and intended platform when making this choice.

Use of Online Sharing Platforms

For larger files or situations where quality is essential, consider using alternative sharing methods. Cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive allow large file transfers without compromising on quality. Additionally, you can also use YouTube or Vimeo for dedicated video-sharing features optimized for large files.

Remember: The best compression method depends on your specific requirements and intended audience. Experiment with different options and find the sweet spot that balances quality and storage efficiency.

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