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How To Screen Record On iPhone – 5 Easy Tips to Record Like a Pro

Have you ever wanted to see what is taking place on your iPhone’s display screen? display recording is a useful way to create tutorials, file troubles, or proportion fun videos with buddies. the best news is that it’s smooth to screen files on iPhone. In this guide, I will explain a couple of strategies for recording your iPhone’s display with just a few taps.

How To Screen Record On iPhone

How To Screen Record On iPhone - 5 Easy Tips to Record Like a Pro

What Is Screen Recording?

Screen recording means recording a video of something displayed on your iPhone’s display. modern-day iPhones have built-in functionality to display documents with audio, making it easy to capture motion pictures to percentage or use for different functions.

Why Screen Record On Your iPhone?

Here are some great reasons to use your iPhone’s screen recording capabilities:

  • Create tutorial videos: Teach viewers how to use an app by recording your iPhone’s screen.
  • Document issues: If an app is glitchy, use screen recording to capture the problem to share with developers.
  • Record gameplay: Capture your epic gaming sessions to share with other players.
  • Capture reactions: Record friends reacting to funny videos for fun homemade videos.
  • Much more: Anytime you want to save what’s happening on your screen, screen recording is the answer.

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How To Screen Record With Quicktime Player (Mac Only)

If you’re on a Mac laptop, you can effortlessly display screen files your iPhone shows on your Mac. right here’s how:

  • Connect your iPhone to your Mac via USB and launch QuickTime Player.
  • Click File > New Movie Recording.
  • Next to the record button, click the dropdown arrow and select your connected iPhone.
  • Click on the report button to start shooting video and audio from your iPhone. make certain whatever you want to record is visible to your iPhone’s show.
  • When finished, click the stop button. You’ll find the recorded video saved to your Mac’s Videos folder.

This method provides high-quality screen recordings saved directly to your Mac. Just be sure your iPhone is connected during recording.

Native Screen Recording (iOS 11 Or Later)

Since iOS 11, iPhones have included a native screen recorder under Quick Settings. Here’s how to screen record using the built-in tool in iOS:

  • Open Control Center by swiping down from the top right corner of your iPhone’s display.
  • Long press the circular recording icon until a menu pops up.
  • Tap “Start Recording” and your iPhone will begin capturing video and audio of your display. Make sure whatever you want included is visible on the screen.
  • To stop recording, reopen the Control Center via the method in step one and tap the red indicator dot to end the capture.
  • Your screen recording will be automatically saved to the Photos app.
How To Screen Record On iPhone - 5 Easy Tips to Record Like a Pro

The nice thing about the native recorder is nothing else is required – just your iPhone! Video and audio quality are decent for sharing casual videos. However third-party apps provide more options.

Best Screen Recorder Apps For iPhone

The iOS App Store offers many great screen records on iPhone apps to augment or replace the native option. Here are some of the best recorders for iPhone:

  1. AirShou
  2. ScreenRec
  3. Record It

These apps allow recording in a variety of resolutions, some with camera input for picture-in-picture, live streams, annotation tools, and more. Many include free versions, but you can unlock more features with premium accounts ranging from one-time fees to subscriptions.

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Before purchasing a paid recorder, I suggest trying the free versions first to see if advanced capabilities are truly needed. The native iOS tool may already meet your basic screen recording needs.

Handy Screen Recording Tips

To master iPhone screen recording, keep these handy tips in mind:

  • Check permissions: Apps like camera and microphone access may need to be enabled in settings for best results.
  • Free up space: Delete old videos to ensure adequate storage space for recordings. Running out of space can ruin an important video.
  • Get positioning: Be conscious of where you place your iPhone, keeping the visuals you want to capture clearly in the frame.
  • Reduce background noise: Do a test recording to detect ambient sounds to address a loud AC unit.
  • Stabilize your iPhone: If recording a clip over 10 minutes, consider propping your device against something or using a stand to avoid shakiness.

By following these basic suggestions, your iPhone recordings should come out nice and clear!

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How Long Can You Record Your iPhone’s Screen?

There is no set time limit. Recording length depends on available storage space and battery life during capture. Using a recorder app likely provides options for recording longer videos.

Does Screen Recording Drain Your iPhone’s Battery Faster?

Yes, expect your battery to drain faster while recording your screen. The longer the capture, the quicker power is depleted. Start recordings with at least 50% battery or connect your iPhone to a charger if recording for extended periods.

Can You Record Your Screen Within Certain Apps Only?

Usually, screen recording captures everything visible on your display. Some apps prohibit recordings likely due to privacy, copyrights, or security reasons. Always respect app developers’ preferences concerning recordings within their apps.

Can I Edit My Screen Recordings On My iPhone?

Yes, The native recorder saves to Photos where you can trim clips. Or use the iMovie app for more advanced editing tools to cut clips, arrange shots, insert b-roll, and more.


Capturing recordings of your iPhone’s screen is simple thanks to built-in tools and third-party apps. Hopefully, this guide provided all the necessary details about the various recording methods available along with tips for success. 

Just decide if you require advanced functionality beyond the native options before purchasing a recorder app. Strategize what visuals work best for each video you produce. Lastly, don’t forget the final critical step – proudly share your iPhone screen recordings with the world!

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