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How to Block Users on TikTok – 3 Simple Steps

TikTok is a vibrant video world full of joy and entertainment. But sometimes unwanted interactions like spam, negativity, and even harassment can sour the experience. This guide empowers you to block users on TikTok with ease. It will help you to reclaim your peace of mind and get back to the content you love.

3 Simple Steps to Block Users on TikTok

How to Block Users on TikTok - 3 Simple Steps

1️⃣ Blocking on TikTok Mobile App (Android & iOS)

a) Open the profile of the user you want to block. You can access it from a video, comment, or simply search for their username.

b) Look for the arrow icon in the top right corner of the profile.

c) From the menu that appears, tap on “Block“.

d) A pop-up will ask for confirmation. Tap “Block” again to finalize.

💡 Thinking of Unblocking

Change your mind? No problem! Follow the same steps, and instead of “Block,” tap “Unblock.”

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2️⃣ Blocking Someone on the TikTok Website

a) Open the profile on the TikTok website.

b) Look for the three dots (…) in the top right corner and click on it.

c) Select “Block” from the menu.

d) Confirm Your Choice by clicking on “Block” again.

Unblocking: Repeat steps 1-3 and click “Unblock” instead.

3️⃣ Bulk Blocking on TikTok

You can easily block multiple users on TikTok. Just follow these steps:-

a) Long-press a Comment from a user you want to block.

b) Select “Manage multiple comments” from the menu.

c) Pick the targets that you want to block. You can select up to 100 users to block.

d) Tap “More” and then “Block accounts” to confirm your selection.

Don’t be afraid to block! It’s a powerful tool to maintain a positive and enjoyable TikTok experience. Use it wisely and stay safe!

I hope this guide empowers you to take control of your TikTok experience! Please share any feedback or questions in the comments below.

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