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Will Smith’s Enlightening Journey Through the Quran – Watch Video

Hollywood actor Will Smith recently shared a profound personal experience that has captivated audiences worldwide. In his quest for spiritual growth, Smith embarked on a journey of reading Quran during the holy month of Ramadan. His aim was to find solace and simplicity in its verses.

Discovering Clarity and Simplicity: Will Smith’s Spiritual Quest

Will Smith's Enlightening Journey Through the Quran - Watch Video

Transparent Reflection

Smith described the Quran as a mirror which offered a transparent view into the essence of spirituality and morality. His reading of Quran was not just a recitation effort. It was an understanding that provided him with a clear reflection of his inner self.

Big Time Podcast Revelation

In an engaging interview on “Big Time Podcast” with journalist Amr Adib, Smith revealed his transformative experience. He spoke candidly about the impact of the Quran’s stories. He particularly talked about narrative of Prophet Moses which he found to be profoundly moving.

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Impact of Prophet Moses Story

The simplicity of the Quran and the story of Moses struck a chord with Smith. He expressed how the straightforward and clear nature of the text allowed him to connect deeply with its teachings.

Spiritual Journey of Will Smith

Smith’s reading of the Quran was part of a broader spiritual search in his life. He sought to expand his heart and embrace a wider community. He found that Quran’s teachings resonated with his desire for inner peace and understanding.

Interview of Will Smith with Amr Adib

Who is Amr Adib?

Amr Adib is a prominent Egyptian journalist and television presenter. He is known for his dynamic and influential presence in the media. He hosts the popular talk show “Al Qahera Al Youm” (Cairo Today) which is recognized for his engaging interviewing style and commentary on various social, political, and cultural issues.

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