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Sana Nawaz Shares Her Reasons for Divorce – Watch Video

Sana Nawaz is a celebrated actress known for her dynamic roles in Pakistani cinema and television. Sana recently shared her personal journey and Conditions leading to divorce on the FHM Podcast. Her candid revelations offer a glimpse into divorced life of a public figure.

Sana Nawaz Shares Her Reasons for Divorce – Watch Video

Sana Nawaz Shares Her Reasons for Divorce - Watch Video

During podcast, sana talked about in detail about her decision for Divorce. Here is what she said.

Sana’s decision to divorce was not taken lightly. She shared,

“It was a step towards self-care and peace. I chose not to dwell on the past or question those who left. Instead, I focused on those who stayed and the choices that were right for me. I have no regrets”.

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Here is the video of Sana.

Sana Views About Men

Despite her experiences, Sana’s views on men remains unchanged. She believes that personal experiences should not lead to generalizations. She emphasized “My views on men are the same. Every story is different, and we should respect that“.

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Sana Nawaz as Single Mother

Sana also speaks about the courage and determination of single mothers. “They deserve our support and understanding” she says. “Life may seem easier for us actors, but the societal pressures are the same for all single mothers, regardless of their status.”

Here is video of Sana Nawaz.

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