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Ali Zafar Joins Hands With Kashmir Cooking Oil To Pay Tribute To Mothers

ali zafar

It was Mother’s Day last weekend and our celebrities had all the reasons to NOT keep calm. A number of celebrities took to their social media accounts and tried innovative ways to make their moms feel special.

Similarly, the Teefa in Trouble actor Ali Zafar unveiled a heartwarming gift for mothers everywhere and it almost left us in tears.

The singer turned actor joined hands with Kashmir Cooking Oil and paid a tribute to the sacrifice and love that mothers do for their children.

In the video, the actor can be seen saying:

In my opinion, every day should be Mother’s day. Because the things our mothers have done for ourselves and the amount of love they give us, nobody else can do except them.
So on this special day, let’s see what you can do for your mother. Maybe you can cook something for her, maybe you can hug her and tell her how much you love her.

Have a look at the video below!

Well, it definitely left us teary-eyed!  

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