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Fahad Mustafa Opens Up About Jeeto Pakistan Copying Amir Liaquat’s Game Show

fahad mustafa amir liaquat

The actor and TV host Fahad Mustafa has been creating waves since long now and making it big in the entertainment industry.

The ‘Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 actor’ has now become a household name because of his TV show Jeeto Pakistan.

Recently, the actor appeared in an interview with former actress Shaista Lodhi where he talked about his tough times and revealed many of his little secrets.

Well, we must say, the interview totally left the audience glued to their seats.

During his interview, Fahad Mustafa said that his super-hit show ‘Jeeto Pakistan’ was the turning point in his career which was actually a copy of Amir Liaquat’s game show.

He said:

This all happened when I thought that my career has ended. Jeeto Pakistan was offered to me and we were supposed to copy a game show. In the beginning, people used to criticize me a lot then I decided to be the real me in the show and this proud to be the success of the show.

The former actress Shaista Lodhi also asked Fahad Mustafa the reason behind not having any scandal in the entertainment industry to which he replied:

Almost every other actress in our industry has worked with me. I am not very good with women in a way that I cannot interact with them a lot.

Moreover, the actor also revealed that he was about to be the part of Mahira Khan’s upcoming movie ‘Superstar’ but he wouldn’t because of some reasons.

Have a look at his interview below!

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