Rabi Pirzada Wears Modified Hijab and Public do not Like it

Rabi Pirzada Wears Modified Hijab and Public do not Like it
Rabi Pirzada Wears Modified Hijab and Public do not Like it

Rabi Pirzada was a famous Actresses but then she became a controversial figure when Rabi Pirzada nude photos and videos were leaked. After this incident, she decided to leave the world of showbiz and involved herself in other healthy activities.

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She started taking interest in calligraphy and painting after she left the industry. She has started covering herself and posts her pictures in hijab.


As generally people don’t like wearing hijab specifically in showbiz world and same happened to her. Rabi Pirzada also shared Criticism she faced with her followers that her friends criticize and avoid her for covering herself.

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In a tweet she shared, “My friend told me that on her Nikkah day no one will come wearing an abaya and I said ok. I changed the style of my abaya and wore it in a different style. Now my three friends have stopped wearing western dresses.”


“If we scare people from the starting then they will run away from Islam. The one who has not committed any sin has the right to criticize,” she added.

میری دوست نے کہا میرے نکاح پر برقعہ والی آنٹی بن کر نہ آنا۔میں نے کہا ٹھیک ہے، اور اپنے ابایہ کو تھوڑا سا بدل کر مختلف طریقہ سے پہن لیا۔اور اب میری 3فرنڈز نے مغربی لباس چھوڑدیا۔ اگر ہم شروع سے ہی ڈرادیں تو لوگ دین سے بھاگ جاتے ہیں۔جس نے کوئ گناہ نہیں کیا صرف اسی کو تنقید کا حق ہے pic.twitter.com/Q8TBAZAA8F

— Rabi Pirzada (@Rabipirzada) March 18, 2020

Rabi Pirzada received criticism and trolled by her followers for wearing inappropriate hijab in which half of her hair is not covered. Some people trolled her for doing all this for the sake of photoshoot.


Check out what the public has to say:

بس اپنی ہی تعریف

— AWAIS IQBAL (@IQBAL2144) March 18, 2020

اپنی دوست کی خاطر آدھا سر ننگا کر لیا اور خدا کی نافرمانی خرید لی

— Saqlain Raza (@Saqlain15613016) March 18, 2020

Old wine in the new glass…Doing exactly the same in a different way…That’s the truth whether u like it or not…

— The lost soul… (@NoorELDC) March 18, 2020

I think apka photo or video banaye bina guzara nhi hota dont mind plz

— Sahil Wasti (@sahilwasti007) March 18, 2020

رسی جل گئی پر بھل نہیں گیا

— Hassan (@Hassan19515019) March 18, 2020

مطلب آہستہ آہستہ دوپٹہ سرکنا شروع ہوگیا ہے.

— غفاری احمد (@ghafari365) March 18, 2020

یہ عبایہ ہے؟ کھلے بال سٹائلش فراک photoshoot دکھاوا دکھاوا اگر واقعی دیندار ہھ تو یہ سب چھوڑ دے اللہ آپکو ہدایت دے آمین

— سحـــــMalickـــــر (@Sahar_Says_) March 18, 2020

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