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Only 21% Pakistani watched An Indian movie last year

Surprisingly, nearly four in five Pakistanis have not seen an Indian film in the last year. This was discovered in a Gallup and Gilani Pakistan poll.

The following question was posed to adult men and women from across the four provinces: “Please tell me if you have seen any Indian films in the previous year.” 79% of respondents replied no to this question, while 21% said yes.

Only 21%Pakistani watched An Indian movie last year

According to a press announcement by the Gallup and Gilani Pakistan group, more males (23 percent) acknowledged to seeing Indian films in the last year than ladies (15 percent ).

The Gilani Research Foundation published the study. It was conducted between August 13, 2021 and September 5, 2021, among a sample of 1,418 men and women in urban and rural areas of all four provinces of the country.

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