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Meta to share Content Monetization For Pakistan with MoITT

On their first stop in Moscow, Meta representatives met with officials from several federal agencies, including the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications (MoITT).

Meta to share Content Monetization For Pakistan with MoITT

Sarim Aziz, Meta Pakistan’s Head of Policy, and other members were part of the delegation.

National working group on social media arranged various meetings for Meta officials to meet with officials from various ministries and departments, according to MoITT sources. The three to the four-person delegation was present in person, while representatives from Meta’s various departments were able to participate remotely.

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Information suggests that representatives from the Ministry of IT, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Commerce, the FBR, and the PTA took part in various group discussions on topics such as connectivity, content monetization and regulation.

Pakistan’s Ministry of IT and PTA urged the Meta delegation to come up with a strategy for monetizing Pakistani content. Pakistan is a market with 60 million subscribers, according to government officials, and Meta should do everything it can to help these customers. According to the delegation, Meta is working on this and will share an action plan within 7-10 days with Pakistani authorities.

Meta’s investment in connectivity was welcomed by Pakistan’s National Working Group on Social Media, which stated that the government and various departments would assist Meta in this regard. The PTA and MoITT also raised concerns about content-blocking requests. A plan of action highlighting the flaws in this process was agreed upon by PTA and MoITT, and Meta will work to simplify it.

While speaking out in support of Kashmiris, Pakistani authorities also brought attention to the issue of blocked Pakistani National IDs. New social media rules and stricter regulations are also said to have been raised by Meta, according to the sources. If the company wants to bring investment and business activity into Pakistan, Pakistani authorities will help facilitate it by providing assistance.

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