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Our Actresses have Become Ducks after Surgeries – Zarnish Khan

It is evident that Zarnish Khan, a rising figure in Pakistani showbiz, has no intention of ever having cosmetic surgery. During a conversation with director Wajahat Rauf, actress Sun Yaara revealed that all her female co-stars had undergone surgery and looked like ducks.

Our Actresses have Become Ducks after Surgeries - Zarnish Khan

“I’ve never considered having my face altered. Even if you see me in ten years, I’ll still look the same,” she claimed before adding, “Sorry, but I don’t want duck lips. Our actresses have all turned into ducks. According to Zarnish, “They used to be so gorgeous, I don’t know what’s gone wrong with them.”

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Zarnish Khan was also questioned who would win in an ugly spat battle between you and Alizeh Shah at the same time.

Actress Zarnish Khan

That’s when Zarnish gave up, saying, “Only she [Alizeh] will win no matter who is in front of her.” As Alizeh in Susraal Mera, Zarnish Khan rose to the top of the fame ladder.

She most recently appeared in the critically acclaimed television series Yeh Dil Mera, in which she shared the screen with Sajal Aly, Ahad Mir, Adnan Siddiqui, and Mira Sethi, among other notable actors.

Zarnish Khan is currently mesmerizing the audience in Aietbaar, where she shares the major role with Syed Jibran.

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