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Showbiz celebrities show support to PM Imran Khan

Currently, the political environment of Pakistan is high. PTI and the opposition are both trying to win the No-Confidence Vote. PM Imran Khan who has huge popularity among youth is being supported by celebrities as well. Famous stars of Pakistan’s film and TV industry also came forward in support of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

PM Imran Khan gets Celebrities’ Support

Hina Khawaja

Hina Khawaja, a senior actress, model, and host in the drama industry, while sharing the video on Instagram, said, “I have never wanted to use harsh words about anyone or anyone, but Maryam Nawaz, you forced me to.” I have to say, ‘Dust in your mouth.’

She said that God forbid that the plane of Pakistan landed in the old Pakistan as Pakistan was built by you and your allies. May Allah protect our country from the enemies who are sitting inside and outside our country.

Hina Khawaja said that may Allah protect our Pak forces and the leaders who are patriots, this is the heartfelt prayer of a Pakistani, Amen.

Humayun Saeed

Leading actor and producer Humayun Saeed, while sharing a black and white photo of Prime Minister Imran Khan, wrote that he has been a fan of Imran Khan since he was a sportsman and is still a fan of his leadership.

“I wish and pray that the prime minister completes his term, may God bless him,” he added.

Bilal Qureshi

Leading actor of Pakistan showbiz industry Bilal Qureshi while expressing solidarity with Prime Minister Imran Khan has written in his Insta Story that Imran Khan, first of all, you don’t have to worry.

He added that he was coming to accompany his prime minister on March 27.

Shaan Shahid

Renowned film star Shaan Shahid praised Prime Minister Imran Khan on social media and said that no one can snatch our leader from us.

In a message to Prime Minister Imran Khan, social networking site Twitter’s Shaan Shahid wrote, “We stand with you.” In his shared message, the film star addressing the opposition further wrote that you can have a parliament but you can never snatch our leader.

Earlier in the day, Shaan Shahid, in his message to Prime Minister Imran Khan, said Imran Khan, you have given us the courage to question the corrupt people, you have awakened us in the sleep of slavery against the governments of the past. You are the hope that lives in our hearts.

Criticizing the PM’s opponents, film star Shawn added that while fighting you, they do not know that we are all yours.

It is to be noted that preparations are underway for today’s meeting of PTI at Parade Ground, Islamabad. Prime Minister Imran Khan has appealed to the people to reach Islamabad as soon as possible. In his audio message last night, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the meeting that is taking place today is not about PTI, it is about the future of Pakistan.

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