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Showbiz Celebrities Reactions to Supreme Court Ruling against NCM

Since the National Assembly was disbanded, many people have expressed their views on various topics. It is no different now that the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of a no-confidence petition against Imran Khan, and celebrities are responding.

Celebrities’ Reactions to Supreme Court Ruling against NCM

Immediately after the opposition submitted a no-confidence resolution in the National Assembly against Prime Minister Imran Khan, the PM dissolved Parliament. However, on Sunday, April 3rd, the Deputy Commissioner rejected the final decision for the no-confidence vote against Prime Minister.

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Supreme Court

Hearings of notice were conducted for five days after Supreme Court notification of the suspension of the NCM. The SC listened to the opposition’s arguments and decided to hold off on making a ruling. Later, the judgment was announced: The deputy speakers’ actions were unlawful and unconstitutional by the court.

The vote on the NCM will be completed at this point. Like the rest of us, celebrities have an opinion on the subject.

From those who are in favor of the Supreme Court’s judgment.

More celebrities supported Prime Minister Imran Khan.

What is your stance on the SC ruling? Share your comments below.

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