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Famous Singer Ali Haider spills the Juice about his Love Story

Ali Haider is a musician, composer, singer, and actor from Pakistan. Ali Haider, the very skilled actor, was recently honored in GMP’s “Shan-e-Suhoor.”

Famous Singer Ali Haider shares details about his Love Story

“We had an intriguing love tale,” Ali Haider said of his marriage and love affair. My wife’s request was granted when we married since she was a fan of mine. I was postponing my marriage since I didn’t want to marry at such a young age due to my work, and I also wanted my sisters to marry first. Sabeeka and I met via a familiar acquaintance, and our initial encounter lasted just a few minutes. This is how we met, and we were engaged within two to three days.”

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“We decided to start with a Nikkah celebration and then go to the other wedding festivities after a few months.” We just had a small, personal Nikkah celebration in our home. After I signed my Nikkah papers, I told my father that because we are now nikkahfied, I wanted to bring her along. My father objected at first, but after a time, everything calmed down, and I brought my wife along. “I feel that was Allah’s plan,” Ali Haider continued.

Singer Ali Haider

“We recently held a Walima function after a few days,” Ali Haider said. This whole event, in my opinion, sent a positive message that things may be done more straightforwardly as well. Folks who cannot afford expensive weddings experience such emotions. Thus we should occasionally choose simplicity for such people.”

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