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Aliza Sultan’s Domestic Abuse Statement – Feroze Khan denies and Celebrities Responces

Feroze Khan and Aliza Sultan’s divorce issue is currently trending over social media. Aliza Sultan’s statement of physical abuse by Feroze Khan is quite disturbing. The domestic abuse committed by Feroze Khan on Aliza Sultan drew the ire of Hollywood stars, many of whom spoke out against his actions.

Aliza Sultan’s Domestic Abuse – Details

Aliza Sultan

Before the District East family court in Karachi, Aliza Sultan’s attorneys presented evidence of abuse in medico-legal and emergency department records, supporting the allegations in a petition filed by her ex-spouse Feroze Khan.
A copy of the complaint and a medical-legal certificate were filed to the court by Aliza Sultan in her domestic violence lawsuit against Feroze Khan.


Conversely, the Khuda Aur Muhabbat actor wants to visit his sons and approached court. For the time being, the court has permitted him to see his children twice a month, provided he presents his identification card and passport.

The court has determined Feroze’s access to his children, and the next hearing regarding custody and child support is scheduled for November 1, 2022.

Aliza Sultan's Domestic Abuse Statement - Feroze Khan denies and Celebrities Responces

Recently, Feroze Khan issued a statement refuting all of Aliza Sultan’s charges of domestic violence against him. The following is his official statement.


Reacting to Aliza Sultan’s statement of abuse, celebrities raised their voices again domestic violence. Saboor Aly, Yasir Hussain, Junaid Khan and Minal criticised Feroze Khan and his acts of violence.


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