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Jannat Mirza Reveals Her Marriage Plans and Break Up Story

Jannat Mirza is a social media star with the biggest following on Tiktok in Pakistan. She recently talked about her marriage plans and break up in an interview. Read on to know more about her story.

Jannat Mirza Reveals Wedding Plans

Jannat Mirza Reveals Her Marriage Plans and Break Up Story

Who is Jannat Mirza?

Jannat Mirza is a 22-year-old social media personality with 22 million plus Tiktok followers and 4.4 million Instagram followers. She is known for her perfect lip-sync videos, pictures, and reels. She is also a successful entrepreneur.

Jannat Mirza’s Marriage Plans

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In an interview with Hassan Choudary, Jannat Mirza talked about her marriage plans. She said that people are always interested in her marriage plans and keep asking her about it. However, she wants to complete her studies before getting married. She also added that her parents will decide who she will marry and she is okay with that.

Breakup Story

Jannat Mirza announced her breakup with her friend Umer Butt a few months ago. In the interview, she talked about the importance of ending a relationship in a decent way if you think that you can’t go with a person in the long run. She also said that it was their choice to end the relationship.

What to Look for in a Life Partner?

Jannat Mirza thinks that one should not run after good looks when looking for a life partner. She said, “We should look for a partner who respects us. If a person is good-looking, he will degrade you in the pride or ego of his charming personality. He will treat you badly.” She also revealed that she hopes to have an arranged marriage and the pictures will be out after her Nikah.

Jannat Mirza is a young, beautiful, and talented social media star who has gained immense popularity in Pakistan. She spoke in detail about her marriage plans and break up story in an interview. Her story is an example of how one should end a relationship in a decent way and look for a life partner who respects them.

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