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Sahiba’s Mother Nisho Jee Reacts to Sahiba’s First Meeting with Her Father

In a recent touching turn of events, Sahiba Rambo shared her first meeting with her biological father, Inam Rabbani. Sahiba meeting with her father heartfelt reunion has captured the hearts of many and quickly became a sensation on social media. Sahiba’s Mother is Nisho Begum and she has shared her take on Sahiba’s meeting with her father.

Sahiba’s Mother Reacts to Sahiba’s First Meeting with Her Father

Sahiba’s Mother Nisho Jee Reacts to Sahiba's First Meeting with Her Father

Let’s explore more about Sahiba and what her mother said about her meeting.

Sahiba is the daughter of the legendary actress Nisho Jee and married to the renowned Afzal Khan aka Jan Rambo. Her recent encounter with her father added a new chapter to her life story.

Sahiba’s Mother Nisho Jee Reacts to Sahiba's First Meeting with Her Father

Nisho Jee Views About Sahiba Meeting

Nisho Jee was taken by surprise when she learned of her ex-husband’s wish to meet their daughter. It was through a mutual connection that he reached out to Rambo. Rambo convinced Sahiba as she was to consider the meeting. With respect and love, Sahiba sought her mother’s blessing before proceeding with the meeting. Here is her video response.

Nisho Response to Filming of the Event

Answering the question of whether such a private moment should be captured on film. Nisho replied that:-

As her ex-husband was coming to the home, Nisho Jee chose to stay elsewhere. She was unaware of how the event would be documented. Yet, in today’s digital era, the children took the initiative to record the moment which went viral across the internet.

Here is her video.

A Mother’s Pain

Despite the joyous occasion, Nisho Jee expressed her anger over the public discourse surrounding her personal life and past relationships. Nevertheless, she stood by her daughter’s decision and supported Sahiba’s desire to connect with her father.

Whats your take the Nisho Jee’s opinions? Share your comments in the comments section below.

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