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Rabi Pirzada Cousin Exposed Culprits Who Leaked Rabi Nudes

You might heard about the Rabi Pirzada controversy. Rabi Pirzada’s private pictures and videos were leaked on social media. It was a very difficult time for her as she faced the worst pressure of her life. A few of Rabi Pirzada’s fans supported her by posting inappropriate pictures. Finally, Rabi quits her showbiz journey and decides to follow the path of Islam.



During and after her nude pictures Controversy, She didn’t reveal the names of the culprits who leaked her data despite being asked by her fans.

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Rabi Pirzada accepted and started living her life differently but her cousin couldn’t have it anymore and revealed all the details of the people who leaked Rabi Pirzada’s private details.

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Rabi Pirzada Exposed People Who Leaked Her Nudes 18

Her cousin posted details of the individuals behind all this mess. Those people again started harassing Rabi Pirzada so her cousin posted every detail of harassers on Rabi Pirzada’s Instagram account.

She wrote, “Not these numbers before she deleted these messages. I am sick and tired for this. Enough. We must speak. She must speak.”

Rabi Pirzada Exposed People Who Leaked Her Nudes 15

Rabi took all blame on herself. You trolled her tortured her, for wat? For her being a Muslim,” she continued.

Rabi Pirzada Exposed People Who Leaked Her Nudes 16

Adding further details she wrote, “Kamal zafar +1 (917) 975-9295 his father +1 (631) 977-2300 his sons kabir +1 (631) 800-6490 siraat +1 (631) 759-1401.”


They all did this to her. And she was hiding. Hiding a harassment. Enough Rabi. I am sorry for doing this without ur consent but i must. I cried for u. For the crime u didn’t commit.But kab tak. Lemme expose all who did this to u. Subhana zafar +1 (917) 714-4207, +1 (917) 714-4207. They were the ones who did this to you. Sabreen +1 (917) 975-9295.”

Here are the screenshots posted on Rabi Pirzada’s account:



Rabi Pirzada Exposed People Who Leaked Her Nudes 4

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