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Showbiz Celebrities Who Suffered from Depression at an Early Age

Depression is a mental condition that needs care just like any other disease. Here, we will reveal a few showbiz industry stars who were afflicted with a dangerous disease at an early age but they did not panic and bravely fought their illness. Today, these celebrities are inspired role models for all of us.

Showbiz Celebrities Who Suffered from Depression at an Early Age

Momina Mustahasan

Momina Depression at an Early Age

Famous singer Momina Mustahsan has also been suffering from depression. In many of his social media posts, she also mentioned her illness and she suddenly starts panicking which lasts for a long time. Momina said that once she had such a severe panic attack she began to feel disabled for a while.

Hira Mani

Hera Mani Suffered from Depression at an Early Age

Hira Mani is a well-known actress of Pakistani showbiz who gained fame and notoriety in a very short time due to her excellent acting. Hira Mani was married to actor Mani at a very young age, but when she became part of the industry, she had a serious depression. Hira fought the disease along with acting and today she is a very successful actress.

Hina Altaf

Hina Altaf Depression at an Early Age

Actress Hina Altaf has admitted in several interviews that she fought a dangerous disease like depression at a very young age. Hina said that her condition had deteriorated so much that she tried to take her own life but now the actress is completely fine and happy.

So, these were celebrities of Pakistani Showbiz who suffered depression during their journey of life. What do you think about depression and what causes it? Share your views in the below comments section.

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