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Hareem Shah Showing imported Alcohol Bottles – Video

Hareem Shah, a name synonymous with controversies, is back with a new scandal. One of the most well-known Tiktokers is always looking for ways to get noticed. Hareem Shah recently posted a video to her Instagram account that has gone viral. Showing off her booze bottles, the drama queen can be seen being quite the show off. While filming the video, her husband can be seen taking the names of each bottle of imported alcohol.

Hareem Shah Showing imported Alcohol Bottles - Video

Originally known for her work with Sandal Khattak, Tiktoker Hareem Shah has been accused of defaming her ex-partner in crime ever since they split up. Also, her close friendships with some of the world’s most powerful political figures made her a media sensation. It was a hot topic for a while when she moved into PM house and began filming TikTok videos there.

When Tabish Hashmi’s To Be Honest show aired recently, Hareem Shah made a live call to Sheikh Rasheed to prove that she is in touch with him. Hareem call was answered by Sheikh Rasheed and it was a surprise for us. Sheikh Rasheed asked her to call later. Her insistence to speak with him immediately received a shutup call from him.

Hareem Shah Showing imported Alcohol Bottles - Video

Her video from the show was retweeted hundreds of times. Despite her lack of talent or skill, she has always found a way to get herself involved in a number of high-profile disputes.

Hareem Shah Showing imported Alcohol Bottles - Video

She’s getting slammed again for making a video of Alcohol and posting it online. In order to avoid being trolled for posting such low-quality content, the aforementioned drama queen has turned off her comments section. Here is the video.


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