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World’s Largest Gold-Plated Holy Quran Page displayed at Dubai Expo

A large audience gathered at Pakistan’s pavilion at the Dubai expo 2020 to view the World’s Largest Gold-Plated Holy Quran Page, which was carved on high-quality canvas using aluminum.

World's Largest Gold-Plated Holy Quran Page displayed at Dubai Expo

Abdul Razak Dawood, Adviser to the Prime Minister on Commerce and Investment, inaugurated a carefully created piece by award-winning artist Shahid Rassam on Monday for the first time in more than 1,400 years of Islamic history. He stated that it is a source of pride that Shahid Rassam has done an outstanding job.

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Afzaal Mahmood, Pakistan’s ambassador to the UAE, was also in attendance, as were senior officials from Expo 2020, diplomats, and corporate executives.

According to artist Rassam, a former UAE ex-pat, “I have used no color or ink, but the phrases are carved in metal and gold-plated on a high-quality canvas.”

Six pages are devoted to Surah-e-Rahman. To begin, two pages include only five lines each, while the remaining four pages contain ten lines each,” Rassam explained, adding that 15 kilograms of aluminum and more than one kilogram of gold were used to engrave Surah-e-Rahman on the particular canvas.

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The project is brought to a successful conclusion thanks to the tireless labor of 200 artists, painters, calligraphers, designers, and sculptors.

Rassam will carve approximately 80,000 words on 550 pages of the Holy Quran using approximately 200kg of gold and 2,000kg of aluminum. Each page will contain 150 words, and the creative artist is dedicated to finishing the project as soon as possible following the exhibition of a portion of it at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Irfan Mustafa, a Dubai-based entrepreneur, was instrumental in bringing this project to life by not only sponsoring it but also convincing Rassam to exhibit his art at Expo 2020.

Fazil Jamili, president of the Karachi Press Club, congratulated Shahid Rassam and his team for their outstanding efforts over the last five years on the project.

“Shahid Rassam is a great artist,” famed writer Anwar Maqsood observed. He has shown his work internationally. How he has created this magnificent work of art, the world’s largest gold-plated Holy Quran, is a marvel and a priceless gift not only to Muslims but to the entire world of art.

He pleaded with Pakistan’s government to step up and patronize the world’s largest gold-plated copy of the Holy Quran.

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